Sprach der Löwe® is an innovative language learning system launched as Sprach.com in the year 2003. It is based on thousands of hours of instructional experience and extensive research while taking into account the human brain’s natural processes.

The effectiveness of our system has resulted from the professional work of our dedicated team, our genuine interest in helping our clients achieve their goals, and our commitment to excellence.

Many of our clients are people who had “studied” English, Spanish, German, Portuguese or many other languages in other schools, but still could not speak naturally. With our system, they are bilingual or multilingual now.

Under the slogan “I´m bilingual”®, our objective is that our clients acquire the intuition of the language they are learning while focusing on their professional and personal interests. Individual performance and progress are tracked continuously, this way our corporate clients can measure through HR the value of their investment.

Contact us at: time@sprach.com or +52 55 4025-4668, we will gladly reply.