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  • Course Duration: 6 Months
  • Schedule: Tuesdays from 6 to 8 PM (CDT)
  • Total Fee per Participant: US $ 704 dollars
  • Start Date: July 6th, 2021


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  1. Introduction to Legal English
  2. Grammar for Legal Writing
  3. Punctuation for Legal Writing
  4. Sentence Structure
  5. Legal Writing Standards: Dates, Numbers, Citations & Headings
  6. Terminology & Linguistic Peculiarities
  7. Elements of Good Style: Clarity, Consistency, Effectiveness
  8. What to Avoid
  9. British & American English
  10. Contracts: Structure & Interpretation
  11. Contract Clauses: Types & Specimen Clauses
  12. Drafting Legal Documents: Language & Structure
  13. Correspondence, Memoranda & Essays
  14. Applying for a Legal Position
  15. Self-Study Exercises
  16. Aspects of Spoken English
  17. Meeting, Greeting & Getting Down to Business
  18. Interviewing and Advising
  19. Dealing with Difficult People: Ten-Point Guide
  20. Court Advocacy
  21. Negotiation
  22. Chairing a Formal Meeting
  23. Making a Presentation
  24. Telephoning

English is the dominant language of international business relations, and a good working knowledge of the language is essential for today’s legal or business professional.

This course provides a highly practical approach to the use of English in commercial legal contexts, and covers crucial law terminology and legal concepts. The book is written with the needs of both students and practitioners in mind, this book is particularly suitable for readers whose first language is not English but need to use English on a regular basis in legal contexts.

The course covers both written and verbal legal communication in typical legal situations in a straightforward manner. In addition to chapters on the grammar and punctuation utilised in legal writing, the book features sections on contract-drafting and the language used in negotiations, meetings, and telephone conversations. It features a companion website which contains exercises covering the majority of the topics covered in the book’s chapters.

This edition thoroughly revises and expands the content of the companion website and contains updated examples, more detailed explanations of problematic areas, and an expanded section on writing law essays.

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